Screening for High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

High Blood Pressure / Hypertension Serious repercussions such as strokes, heart attacks, renal failure, damage to the eyes or cardiac failure may result from high blood pressure. Sphygmomanometer is the device used to measure blood pressure. Nary 60% deaths across the world occur due to Hypertension. In today‚Äôs world, High blood pressure is a major… Continue reading Screening for High Blood Pressure / Hypertension


What is Hypertension? Hypertension or high blood pressure is a pathological condition characterized by the alarming increase of the blood pressure in the arteries. About Hypertension is a common disease of our stressful lives. The single useful test for identifying the individuals at the risk of developing CHD is blood pressure. Blood Pressure is actually… Continue reading Hypertension